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If you are a victim of scam in need of help, or simply someone wishing to find information about scams, please visit;



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With a dedicated section to help victims of love scams;



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You received an email and are unsure if it is a scam? Visit here;


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To help you identify fake websites involved in fraudulent activities;

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Escrow Fraud
The best resource out there to help you identify fake escrow sites;

Escrow Fraud
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In 2001, the US Internet Fraud Complaint Center issued the first of their internet crime statistics in their annual report. This report showed 16,775 complaints filed, with a total of 17.8 million dollars lost in internet frauds. Their last report to date, 2009, indicates 336,655 complaints submitted and 559.7 million dollars in losses to American victims of various scams. One can only imagine the real dollar amount lost to scams worldwide.

While many efforts have gone into fighting web based frauds, the anonymity provided by the web, just as jurisdiction boundaries has thus far been a criminalís paradise. Although many a website has gone up with volunteers willing to dedicate time to education, victim support and fighting fraud, the numbers show that the battle is far from over. The dollar losses just increase every year, along with the scammerís impunity in committing their crimes openly, as well as carrying on once they have stolen from their victims with recovery scams or threats.

Many a victim has been heard to say that scammers do this to feed their families and support their loved ones out of abject poverty. This is not so. Scammers live a life of lies and deceit. They as well have an expensive definition of being poor.

Enter and discover their stories.

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